I consume a lot of content. People often ask me what I read and what podcasts I listen to. So here’s that list. This list includes Internet feeds, podcasts, and books across a range of topics. I’ve categorized the content into a few buckets to make this easier to navigate.

Managing all of the Internet feeds is challenging. I use Reeder for Mac and iOS to manage my RSS feeds. Feedly is a free alternative to Reeder, and works on on all OSes.

I use the Overcast app to listen to podcasts on iOS.

I read books on Kindle for iOS and Mac. I take notes actively while reading in the Apple Notes app.

I also discover a ton of great content through Twitter. I curate 3 lists of crypto people on Twitter.


SlateStarCodex—my favorite blog within the rationality community. The author, Scott Alexander, is simply superb. He typically writes one or two multi-thousand word articles per week exploring drug efficacy, study design, human psychology, human rationality, identity, sociology, and more. His breadth and depth is outstanding. I rate the majority of his work in the top 5% of what I read. I don’t know how he does it. If you enjoy his writing, you should check out his top 10.

Wait But Why—the author, Tim Urban, writes much less frequently than Scott Alexander of Slate Star Codex. But every piece is out-of-this-world good. As the name implies, most of his work takes complicated and controversial ideas that involve science, and he asks, “Wait, but why?” He breaks down complex science and ideas in a way that a five year old can understand, and then explains the implications on society. The first Wait But Why post I read justified cryonics, a practice that I suspect the vast majority of humanity finds objectionable. Wait But Why also came to help me recognize that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Elon Musk will be the most consequential human of our age (other than government leaders). Urban wrote a 6-part, 100,000-word expose on Musk, Tesla, Solar CitySpaceX, and Hyperloop in 2015. In 2017, Urban wrote a 38,000-word dive into Neuralink, Musk’s newest company. I cannot overstate how excellent Wait But Why is.

Philosophical Economics – simply outstanding finance and markets reading.

Aswath Damodaran – the valuation expert from NYU.


Token Economy

Tony Sheng

The Block

Trust Nodes

The Week in Ethereum

Aurora EOS

My Twitter lists

Internet feeds, tech and startup

Stratechery ($100 / year) — this is indubitably the best source of strategy analysis of the mega companies in tech and related industries. His analysis is superb. It is absolutely worth every penny. He publishes four articles per week, and one is always free. So it’s $100 / year for the other three each week. 100% recommend.

SaaStr — this is exclusively focused on B2B SaaS, but the learning lessons are applicable broadly. Jason Lemkin is the most honest, down-to-earth source of information on the Internet when it comes to building SaaS businesses. If you like SaaStr, you should also follow Jason Lemkin on Quora, which is available as an RSS feed.

TechCrunch — everyone loves to hate TC, but the fact remains that it’s a fantastic news source, and many of the editorials are great.

Product Hunt — PH has surfaced over a dozen tools that I have incorporated into my personal life or business. Subscribe to their daily email. The signal-noise ratio isn’t great, but the signal, when found, is incredibly good. The products you find and adopt through PH will change your life and business.

Internet feeds, investors

a16z— they have a weekly and monthly newsletter. Subscribe based on your preferred cadence.

Fred Wilson

Albert Wegner

Mark Suster

Ben-Evans— make sure to subscribe to his weekly digest, which is separate from his blog feed.

Chris Dixon

Jason Cohen

Brett Hurt

Patrick Collison

Collaborative Fund

Social Capital (weekly email newsletter is superb)


Internet feeds, technical

ArsTechnica — deep hardware reviews, low-level technical analysis, and solid commentary on techno-political issues

Anandtech — even more technical than ArsTechnica, but with less political and gaming commentary.

Internet feeds, rationality

Marginal Revolution— the primary author is Tyler Cowen, a world renowned economist at George Mason. He examines politics, global economics, society, and random cultural issues through an economic lens.

Gwern— extremely technical computer scientist, biologist, and rationality-community contributor. Her email newsletter is monthly. But just go to her home page and dive into her topics. You will be blown away at the technical depth.

Atheist Ethicist— the name is pretty descriptive. High quality, frequent writings available as RSS or email.

Internet feeds, misc

Abnormal Returns — a daily curated list of great content with a heavy emphasis on capital markets.

Exponential View— a weekly curated email of fantastic content from experts on many of the most pressing techno-social issues facing humanity: climate change, online marketing and personalization, extending life, AI, etc. This consumes more than an hour of my week, every week.

Gene Expression—a social Darwinistic view of human history.

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